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Bio-Well Scan

Introducing the Bio-Well scan into Kristina's practice has been a dream of hers for a long time. She was first introduced to the scan when she started a course with Dr. Joe Dispenza. Shortly after, she was able to receive a scan herself and was amazed at her results and how accurate the scan was. Please read below to find out more information.

What is Bio-Well and How Does it Work?

A Bio-Well scan is a holistic wellness tool that captures images of the energy field, or aura, around your body. During the scan, you place your fingertips on a device that takes pictures of the energy patterns. These patterns are then translated into colorful visuals, providing a unique representation of your biofield. Bio-Well scans are used to explore aspects of well-being, offering insights into areas such as stress levels and overall energy balance. Practitioners trained in interpreting the results may use the information to guide discussions on lifestyle, stress management, and holistic approaches to health. It's an interesting way to gain a different perspective on your well-being and explore the subtle aspects of your energy field.

The Bio-Well device is based on a technology known as gas discharge visualization (GDV), which was developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. The Bio-Well device captures these emissions, and the resulting images are processed to create a visual representation of the energy field or biofield around the individual.

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Why is it a Great Investment in My Health?

  1. Holistic Insights: Bio-Well scans offer a unique perspective on your well-being by capturing and visualizing the energy field around your body. Some people find value in exploring the holistic aspects of health beyond traditional medical assessments.

  2. Stress Assessment: The technology is often used to assess stress levels and emotional states. If you are interested in understanding how stress may be affecting your body's energy, a Bio-Well scan can provide insights.

  3. Personalized Wellness: Practitioners trained in interpreting Bio-Well scans may offer personalized recommendations for lifestyle adjustments, stress management, or other holistic wellness practices based on the observed energy patterns.

  4. Exploration of Energy Medicine: For those interested in energy medicine or alternative healing modalities, a Bio-Well scan can be a tool for exploring the subtle energies associated with the body.

  5. Complementary to Traditional Approaches: While not a replacement for traditional medical tests, some individuals use Bio-Well scans as a complementary tool to gain additional insights into their well-being. It can be part of a broader approach to health and self-discovery.

  6. Curiosity and Self-Discovery: If you have a curiosity about the energy dynamics of the body and are open to exploring different perspectives on health, a Bio-Well scan can be an intriguing and educational experience.

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